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Stash Entries #1
*chuckles to self* Well, I would've entered somethin' sooner, but I was just in tears for the last three days. I feel bad that Andy had to do a lot of work in the research, but to me, this was a very deep and emotional time. Why? After 10,000 years, I'm finally back home on Argo! least, for a few years, anyway. But anyway, I really should focus on the task at hand...
So, this is actually Day 5, and my first entry. I'm out walking down a mountainous area with very few pockets of deciduous forest, and the ground was mostly covered in smooth rock and ash. I've just witnessed somethin' awesome that I've only seen once since I wuz five years old when my mom took me out for an egg scavenger hunt. A small pack of Quetzin were huddled around a freshly killed carcass of an Iguadont, more specifically, an adult Dovidi. There were six pack members in counting- the alpha male, two females, and three subadults (two males and a female). I quickly noticed the social hierarchy withing the gr
:iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 2 0
Nature's Drawn Two Together
Free from the shackles of clothing, the prince dives into the steaming and hot springs, isolated from human eyes. In an epic display, he surfaces as a silloette against the moonlight, the light refracting from the hundreds of water droplets springing from his long, black hair. Peaceful and calm was the atmosphere all around, the prince fell into total contentment as he lay his head against a large, smooth boulder, and the healing properties of the water working its magic upon the Archean's sore flesh.
As he prepared to fall asleep, his eye caught a familiar image. He swam closer for a better view. And there was no doubt in his mind that this was her, his eyes feasting on a very beautiful work of art. Eyes as blue as a small body of water in an oasis, and skin almost as white as snow. Her silky, blue hair, smooth curves, and symmetrical facial features have all but hypnotized the prince. To him, she was more than just a princess. She was a goddess from another demension.
Blushing and gi
:iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 4 3
Kat's Music Lesson by The-Great-Stash Kat's Music Lesson :iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 54 12
My Indecision
A young man sits in his car, puuled over and pondering. And all he could think about is what he is lacking in this current time.
Love. And a life.
At the same time, the young man, wise and foolish, is greatful of his God-given treasures.
Family. Friends. Another day to breathe again.
The young man has his flaws, the biggest of which is an uncertainty to overcome embarrassment and meekness. He says to himself that he likes who he is, yet dreams of being better like his peers.
Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes fly, and all he could do was linger in thought on the axis road of 151.
Finally, he regains composure, and starts his engine again, making his way to sustenance, and back home. He is still uncertain, very uncertain. Yet, he is hopeful, just barely.
:iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 4 4
Alliance Foretold
Not wasting anytime, Sami got to her feet and fled to her wardrobe. But in spite of her excitement, she could only find a couple of T-shirts and some wonr dark jeans.
"That's it!" exclaimed the desperate Atlanean princess. "It's time for a change!" She couldn't help herself, not after the dream she had. Reaching over to buckle up her bra, Sami looked into the mirror, studying her reflection carefully and reading her expression. Nothing really has changed much. But when you're immortal, what else can you expect. With a heavy sigh, she could only produce thought to herself.
"Looks like my sense of fashion isn't the only thing around here that needs a new look." Sami brushed her pale fingers through her lovely blue hair, smiling at the thought that despite her "flaws", her own people, with natural white hair and tanned skin,finally got to accepting her once again as their princess all those centuries ago. But it wasn't them she wanted to impress.
Wearing nothing but a black two-piece suit
:iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 2 7
The Archean Genocide by The-Great-Stash The Archean Genocide :iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 9 13 Oxygen Breathes by The-Great-Stash Oxygen Breathes :iconthe-great-stash:The-Great-Stash 38 5


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Ahh the life of an artist is a poor one but we get by XD If anyone has any spare points lying around, any donation is apperciated. Thank you if you do, I don't mind if you don't XD Its all good~

Eitherway, thank you to those that have supported me over the years and enjoy my work and continue to come back time and time again to keep giving me support. I wouldn't keep working on the stuff without the friends I've made here. Thanks again, enjoy your day~

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Little Update~

Tue Jul 18, 2017, 9:49 AM
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Hello all~
A little update on what has been going on recently. Mostly good news so  no worries there XD
I'm slowly getting the strength in my hands again, the swelling and inflammation around the tumour in my neck is going down thanks to steroids but they suck, gaining too much weight from them, they make you hungry as well, chocolate is not safe around me right now. Hopefully once I'm off them, I can start losing it.

I'm also walking around more as well, relying on my crutches rather than my wheelchair. I only really use the chair when I'm at the gym, trust me I NEED it after 20 minutes on a treadmill! Recently went back to the hospital for a check up and they think I'm improving but they noticed some issues with my left ankle, so they gave me some botox injection in the leg to help loosen up the muscles and get some better movement out of my knee and ankle.

I am working on art as well! I haven't stopped drawing, its just a little difficult since I've been doing more exercises and getting more tired. I will hopefully be uploading some stuff soon if I can get round to finishing it XD No promises though.
Either way, that's all from me on my end. Hope you guys are doing well and hopefully I'll chat to some of you soon. Laters~

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I think therefore I'm dangerous~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Yo, I'm Ashleigh, but you can call me Ash for short!

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm fetish artist and I'm proud to be one. Sure, I wish some of my non-fetish stuff got attention but at the end of the day people like my art, so I can't complain, that and I'm drawing something I enjoy. Each drawing and idea is a new challenge to me, I always give my best try with anything I draw and always hoping to learn with each one. Art has been difficult for me for the past year after I underwent surgery which has caused problems with my hands and legs. Still, I'm able to draw thankfully, I'm hoping to continue with my art and improve it as well as my health.

If you like want you see, stick around and see what I come up with. If not, that's alright, I know my type of art isn't for everyone. Be respectful of me and I'll be respectful to you ^^

If you're interested in supporting my art consider commissioning me! Just send me a note~



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It's now been a full year since operation, its actually crazy to think its been THAT long. Heck, I'm still living with the effects but still here, still kicking.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support and being patience with me in terms of my art and replies. I really want to get art flowing again but it takes me so long to finish anything XD Still, thanks, I'm still sketching away and hoping it post some stuff eventually! :love: 
Quick update!
I'm currently out of hospital, they've done a scan and taken bloods. Bloods are clean but the scan needs to be looked over more thoroughly by other doctors that specialise in those types of scans. So, a bit of a wait until I see results but I'll keep you up to date~ ^^
I'm feeling quite ill at the moment. May I have caught a bug or something, been throwing up, hot & cold flashes and a bunch other crap.

Apologies to people I own commissions and replies to notes. I'm gonna be quite slow working and replying to people, I'll try my best get back to work.


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